Introduction to Passwordless X1280

Passwordless X1280 is a passwordless software provided free of charge by the Passwordless Alliance to B2C online services worldwide. Developed based on the international standard ITU X.1280, Passwordless X1280 consists of server software for online service providers and a mobile app for online service users.

When online service providers and users adopt Passwordless X1280, users no longer need to remember and enter passwords for online services. Instead, the online service presents an automatic password to the user, who verifies it using the mobile app to log in to the online service. Passwordless X1280 shifts the responsibility of password proof from the user to the online service’s automatic password proofmethod, allowing users to access online services conveniently and securely.

Moreover, it enables out-of-band biometric authentication for all B2C online services using the biometric sensors on the user’s smartphone, eliminating the need for separate biometric sensors on each user device. Passwordless X1280 meets the needs of usability, security, and cost-effectiveness for both B2C online services and users, providing a free passwordless software.

Passwordless X1280 Features


feature 1

User checks the service

To check whether the online service you accessed is truly a genuine online service, users can verify that the automatic password presented by the online service is the same as the automatic password generated by the app.

feature 2

Service checks the user out of band

When the user verifies the automatic password provided by the service, the Passwordless X1280 app confirms the user's biometric information and then provides the authentication information to the service out-of-band, allowing the service to verify the user as well.


feature 3

Manage Passwordless for multiple online services with one app

You can register and manage multiple online services with a single Passwordless X1280 app. Since a private key is issued to the Passwordless X1280 app for each online service account that supports Passwordless, it offers excellent security. Users can manage Passwordless for all their online services with one app.

Passwordless X1280 Usage Procedure

01 Passwordless X1280 server installation and connection

API integration after installing PasswordlessX1280 server in existing online service


02 Connect user account to Passwordless X1280 app

Connect the user account of the online service to the Passwordless X1280 app (after verifying your identity in the login window, scan the QR code for passwordless registration with the Passwordless

03 Check the automatic password and log in

After the user enters their ID, they check the automatic password presented by the online service with the Passwordless X1280 app and then log in.


Passwordless X1280 system layout

License key issuance procedure for Passwordless X1280 server